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House Window

A house window is a gap during a wall, door and roof which allow the passage of sunshine, sound and air. Recent windows are usually fixed or covered in another transparent or shining material. Many glazed windows could also be opened to allow ventilation or closed to exclude bad weather. Windows often have a similar tool to lock the window shut or to hold it open by various amounts.

Types of Windows 

house windowsCross window:-

A cross- house window may be a rectangular window usually divided into four lights.

Eyebrow window:-

The eyebrow house window is working in two ways. It is a hooked top window during a wall or in an eyebrow dormer. It is a row of small windows usually under the front roof space.

Fixed window:-

This type of window may be a window that can’t be opened whose function is restricted to allowing light to enter.

Single-hung window:-

A single-hung window may be a window that has one sash that’s movable and therefore the other fixed. This is often the sooner sort of sliding window and it is cheaper.

Double-hung sash window:-

A sash house window is that the traditional sort of window with two parts those overlaps slightly and slides up and down inside the frame. Double hung sash windows are traditionally often fitted with shutters. Sash windows are normally fitted with simplex joints. It’s allow the window be locked into joints on one side, while the rope on the opposite side is separated. Therefore the window are often opened for emergency exit or cleaning.

Fold-up window:-

A fold-up house window has two equal sashes almost like a typical double hung, but folds upward allowing air to undergo nearly the complete frame opening. The window is balanced using either springs or counter balances, almost like a double hung. The sashes are often either offset to simulate a double hung, or in-line. The windows are typically used for screen rooms, kitchen, or for door.

Plane sliding band window:-

A plane sliding band window has two or more bands that overlap slightly but slide horizontally within the frame

Pivot window:-

A pivot house window may be a window persisted one depend on each of two opposite sides which allows the window to revolve when opened. The window normally open to a restricted position for ventilation and, once released, fully reverse and lock again for safe cleaning from inside. This sort of window is most common; it is normally installed in high-rise social housing.

Tilt and turn window:-

A tilts and switch window can both tilt inwards at the highest or open inwards from hinges at the side.

 Above door window:-

it’s in an outside door the transom is usually fixed, in an indoor door it can open either by hinges at top or bottom, or rotate on hinges. It facilitates ventilation before compulsory air heating and cooling.

Side light window:-

Windows beside a door or window are called side-, wing-, and margin-lights and flanking windows.

Clerestory window:-

A clerestory window may be a window set during a roof structure or high during a wall, used for day lighting.

Picture window:-

The picture house window is an image window may be a large fixed window during a wall, normally without coating blocks. Picture windows provide unrestricted views, as if framing an image.

Emergency exit window:-

A fire escape window may be a window large enough and low enough in order that occupants can escape through the opening in an emergency, like a fireplace.

Solar window:-

windows provide a transparent view and illuminate rooms. Also convert sunlight to electricity for the building.house window

Passive solar window:-

Passive solar windows allow light and solar power into a building while minimizing air leakage andwarmth loss.

Windows Coverings:-

A window covering may be a shade or screen that gives multiple functions. Some coverings, like drapes and blinds provide occupants with privacy.


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